Dr Who 30 Day Challenge

Day 02 – Your Favorite Classic Series Episode

The TV Movie: The Enemy Within

The Doctor, an alien time traveller from the planet Gallifrey, is transporting the remains of his nemesis, the Master back to their homeworld. However the Master is not as dead as the Doctor thinks. The Master’s essence escapes and sabotages the TARDIS, the Doctor’s time machine causing it to crash land in San Franscisco on December 30th 1999. The Doctor requires a beryllium atomic clock to repair the TARDIS, but is shot as he leaves it. Taken to hospital, the Doctor’s seventh regeneration is triggered by a surgeon, confused by his alien physiology, while the Master takes over a paramedic’s body. He needs a Time Lord’s body to survive and be able to regenerate again so he needs the Doctor’s. The newly regenerated the Doctor must fight to save his own eighth body, and the world when the Master sabotages the TARDIS’ power source. By midnight on December 31st 1999



Hello, School + Dr Who 30 Day Challenge

Gosh, it’s been a few days since I’ve last logged on. So this is it. This is my blog. Which I will either update everyday… or most likely, to fail to. But I suppose I’ll just blog whenever my mind feels like. So where I might get my inspiration from? The answer is obvious. Books. News. Thoughts. Church. Conversations. Dreams, if lucky. It doesn’t really matter, does it? No. Didn’t think so. 

I started blogging since about a year ago now, but on my deviantART account, in ‘Journals’. Just random, nonsense crap. Why should anyone make the effort to read them? 

Psst, http://danfishy.deviantart.com/ , only if you really want to. 


Some of us dread. Some of us not. I’m halfway in that spectrum, if I am honest. I am a GCSE Student studying history (depression depression depression), geography (ASHGFDSFSSDJFSNDF) , religious studies (PRAISE BE TO THE LORD…seriously) , maths (bleugh), english (YAY), drama (SO DAMN HARD) and science (er hi?). No, I am NOT doing a language. *insert crying gif*. 

I hope that GCSEs will be paid off well – I really just need to have a fresh start at everything. 

  • Notes – missing pages… loose sheets… too short… doodling… typical, isn’t it? 
  • Studying/deadlines – still bad study habits, leading onto yet again more late hand-ins and on the verge of a detention. I don’t really care if I get a detention. Just had one. It just made me regret to waste my time with an extra hour in school again, doing nothing (seriously!)
  • Bad results – well, from what I’ve heard, I don’t think anyone starts off getting instant top grades at A-level? 
  • Subjects – no thank you. 

So meh, I just suppose I’m a typical stressed out GCSE student like the rest. Happy times. :). 

So that was a fairly small, simplistic blog entry. I’ll try and be more interesting next time. I promise! 

Dr Who 30 Day Challenge; Day 01 – Your Favourite Quote


Ah, yes, blimey, sorry. Christmas eve on a rooftop, I saw a chimney… my whole brain just went… “What the hell?” Don’t worry. The fat fella will be doing the rounds later. I’m just scoping out the general… chimney-ness. Yes. Nice size. Good traction. Big tick.


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